Slug: 7-reasons-you-might-want-to-read-dustins-website Date: 2007-06-15 Title: 7 Reasons you might want to read Dustin’s website layout: post

  1. It's called Bajooter. How cool is that name?
  2. He has fingerprints in his logo. Fingerprints FTW!
  3. He's a young, indie web developer, and is writing about how to make a small web development shop work.
  4. He's also writing to educate clients, which is something we web developers generally suck at.
  5. He's a musician with a really cool band name.
  6. He's educating me about SEO, without shoving that stupid acronym/term down my throat.
  7. Fingerprints yay!

(Disclosure: Dustin is one of my best friends, our daughter's godfather, and is getting a ribbing for pointing me at that site that explains why 7-item list posts are great for getting blog traffic. :P)