Slug: a-nerd-in-a-cave Date: 2007-06-29 Title: A Nerd in a Cave layout: post

While checking out the site for Rands' new book, I ran across a year-old post (which I had read before) from Rands about the importance of The Cave to nerds (and men in general).

Interestingly, while this is definitely a Nerd thing (and I am a nerd, ask my wife), I believe it's also a Man thing. Unlike women, for whom every aspect of life affects every other aspect, men compartmentalize life (some might say efficiently, even pathologically). Someone described it to me once that for men, life is like a series of drawers, only one of which can be open at a time. To properly "open" the Home drawer, the "Work" drawer has to be closed. And if we can't get one drawer all the way open, we're not going to be productive there or anywhere.

It seems to me that The Cave is a tool to make this compartmentalization work for us, instead of against us - having a physical space makes it easier to get into, and out of that mental space.