Slug: a-sad-day Date: 2003-01-19 Title: A Sad Day layout: post

As a graphic designer at heart, I have always held dear to me the tools I use to express myself visually. For many years now I have been a die-hard Macromedia disciple. Freehand (Aldus Freehand, mind you) was my first vector design tool, and I would take it over Illustrator any day. I still think it has the simpler paradigms and is easier to use. Dreamweaver has been my GUI html-editor of choice for ages, and Fireworks was hands-down the coolest thing I had ever seen. I lived in Fireworks for a couple years.

Right now I'm considering finally upgrading my web production suite, and guess what? I'm going to buy Adobe. That's right, after years of being in love with Macromedia products, I'm going Adobe. Why?

It's all about Mac OS X. I love OS X, and I think Macromedia has done a crappy job in moving their interface over. I find it too white, too clunky, too slow, too in-the-way, especially on my 15" TiBook screen. The redraw rates are crap in Freehand, and Dreamweaver is sluggish.

I am glad that Macromedia has worked hard to get their stuff on OS X, but I think Adobe has done a better job. Macromedia tried to completely "Mac-ify" their interface, which is admirable, but with Adobe I get exactly the same interface as I've used for years in Photoshop. It's not "Mac-ified", but we already knew that Adobe's products are their own platform, as Macromedia's were too. So not having the palettes in GoLive or Photoshop look exactly like the Mac interface doesn't bother me. Meanwhile, Photoshop, GoLive, and Illustrator are pretty fast on OS X. I don't feel like they're in my way, and I've started learning the tricks to using them as a unit. (I'm using borrowed copies at the moment.)

So, Macromedia, I've loved you - you got me going, supported me when I was starting out, but you couldn't hack it, couldn't keep up. I wish you the best - get your act together and maybe I'll be there for the next rev.