Slug: a-screenplay-in-the-family Date: 2002-12-25 Title: A Screenplay in the Family layout: post

Jodi's family (parents and younger brother) just got into town. SkyHarbor Airport was (as to be expected) a madhouse, but we successfully managed to find them, reunite them with their luggage, and get them home. Since being out here, we've reallly missed family, so it's really really nice to have them here!

Jodi's brother, Mark, is a geek with screenwriting aspirations, and we're sitting here listening to his first screenplay idea. And it's really really good! I hope he has an opportunity to go for it. His plot seems to move well, with interesting subplots, and I would love to see it as a movie.

Mark's a great writer - I may have to see if I can get him a blog one of these days… -)