Slug: adoption-seminar Date: 2004-09-21 Title: Adoption Seminar layout: post

Jodi and I got to spend Saturday at an adoption-prep seminar/training put on by the agency we're working with - Adoption Journeys of Arizona. Lonore and Tina, the social workers, were really good, they led various activities, and spoke about the many challenges that adoptees face, physical, emotional, and social developmental delays. Not only did they help us understand to a greater extent the problems we may face, but they spoke encouragingly about ways to approach those issues. Also, getting to meet other families that are adopting or have adopted was awesome. The stories shared over lunch about past experiences and future hopes were enough to make it worth it.

Oh, and if Damon and Heather are reading this - hi! It was great to meet you guys and I hope we can get together sometime!