Slug: aol-to-finally-switch-to-mozilla-based-browser Date: 2002-03-12 Title: AOL to finally switch to Mozilla-based browser? layout: post

NewForge is reporting that AOL is going to switch users from IE (or their own woefully behind browser) to a browser based on Gecko, the core browser engine in Mozilla. (Mozilla being the open source browser project quasi-funded by AOL/Netscape). From the article on the switch:

"With Gecko, we have control over the client software and don't have to worry about Microsoft screwing up our streaming [audio and video]," says one AOL sysadmin

And later:

A browser shift by AOL is going to leave an awful lot of companies that assume their Web sites only need to work with Explorer scrambling to rewrite their code so that they don't lose AOL's 30 million-plus subscribers...