Slug: apple-music-news-1 Date: 2003-04-29 Title: Apple Music News 1 layout: post

Ok, Jodi and got here to the Apple Store as Steve was wrapping up the last four months of products.

Now he's explaining Rip, Mix, Burn… ("no, really, we didn't mean piracy!")

New terminology: Acquire, Manage, Listen. (Grown up words!)

iPod: 700,000 iPods since launch. No 1 in world.

New iPods: 10, 15, 30gb. New iPod is lighter than 2cds, and thinner as well. All controls are touch sensitive - no moving parts. Curvy! Backlit screen and buttons.

Firewire is now on the bottom - dock. FW port is now non-standard. Lineout on dock.

FW+USB2. Included cable. USB2 requires extra cable.

Mac and Windows support in one box.


New features: AAC decode.

Alarm clock, Personalize Main Menu, On-The-Go playlist. New setting: Main Menu configuration. Very sweet. Preparing for even more non-music features, obviously.

Price: $299 for 10 gb. 15 and 30 come with Dock and case and remote included. $399 for the 15gb. $499 for 30.