Slug: argh-debugging-cheetah-template-engine Date: 2003-03-08 Title: Argh! Debugging Cheetah template engine layout: post

I'm trying to use the Cheetah template engine - a python-based engine along the lines of Velocity - and debugging the template is getting very very annoying.

I have a data structure that looks like this (<a –=”–” href=”<!–#enclosure filename=” linkonly=”true” output.txt”=”output.txt"” urlonly=”true”>">output.txt</a>) and a template that looks like this (<a –=”–” feedreport.tmpl”=”feedReport.tmpl"” href=”<!–#enclosure filename=” linkonly=”true” urlonly=”true”>">feedReport.tmpl</a>).

As far as I can tell the template code matches the datastructure, and I'm passing in the data (the dictionary described in output.txt) like so:

t = Template(file="feedReport.tmpl", searchList=[data])

But the template is outputting nothing! I looked for an email address for Sam Ruby (who's using Cheetah for his weblog engine) to no avail. (Maybe he'll see this post in Technorati and come to my aid! -))

If anyone out there is familiar with Cheetah I could really use some help.