Slug: argh-quicken-2003-mac-help-needed Date: 2003-02-10 Title: Argh! Quicken 2003 Mac help needed layout: post

If there are any Quicken 2003 for the Mac users out there, I need some help.

We have two accounts that we have set up to download transactions online. One account is a checking account, the other a credit card account.

Now, we download the transactions, everything works fine. In the chanking account there is a transaction where a check was written to the credit card account, and that check has no category. There's a transaction already in the credit card register that reflects the check that was written.

Now, the fun part. When we assign a category to the check transaction that tells Quicken that it was a trnasfer to the credit cards account Quicken creates a NEW, duplicate transaction in the credit card register. Is there any way to tell Quicken not to create that new transaction? It doesn't seem to see that there is an existing identical transaction already there. Ack!!

If anyone can help, it will save Jodi and I a lot of angst and frustration.