Slug: arizona-politico-blogger-for-hire Date: 2003-04-30 Title: Arizona Politico-Blogger-for-hire layout: post

Dave points to this Ed Cone entry and hilites Ed's remark about running for office.

I thought it was an interesting post because, given the right candidate, I'd want to be the one riding along, helping blog the whole thing. Staff blogger. I could do that.

Granted, even after 18 mos in Arizona I can't get my head around the political system here. In Virginia, everything was modeled on the federal system - state taxes used the same deductions as the Fed, elections were held in November (not May, dammit!), and the state government basically looked like the federal branches writ small. It was cool - you could take a US Government course and more or less skip state government. (Which, if I have these facts wrong, is basically what I did…)

Anyway, things are different here in AZ, and I have yet to grok things like elections in April or May, voter referendums, and the like. So I could not, at the moment, tell you what candidate and for what office I would be interested in blogging for.

If you're from Arizona or Phoenix, who's a good center-right neolibertarian candidate I can blog for? smile