Slug: az-blogger-bash Date: 2005-02-18 Title: AZ Blogger Bash! layout: post

Ok, friends and neighbors, physical and virtual! |Jodi| and I have decided that it's high time we hold another Arizona Blogger get-together here at our abode in good ol' Gilbert. Back on '02, we hosted a similar event, the AZ/NY Blogger BBQ (guests arriving, Taboo!!, Mark's notes, Marks' pictures) .

So, AZ Blogger Bash '05 is on! Tentative dates are either Saturday, March 12 or Saturday, March 19. Leave a comment if you're interested and what dates will work for you. We'll provide some sort of edibles, but we'll coordinate with everyone to make sure there are plenty of the usual grub on hand.

If you blog in the "Snowbird" State, you're invited! (Mark and Kim, Brad, and Angie, we expect to see you there! Oh, and Bill and Sandi, and maybe even Dustin and Mary!)