Slug: back-on-firefox Date: 2006-03-14 Title: Back on Firefox layout: post

Camino is a web borwser for the Mac that wraps a native OS X interface around the popular Gecko rendering engine. It's fast, and renders 99.8% of sites exactly like Firefox. After 1.0 came out, Idecide to try it out as my main web browser.

End result? I liked the interface a lot, but two things brought me back to Firefox:

  • Find-As-You-Type (FAYT): I had grown completely dependent on this before moving to Camino as my main browser. Even after a month, I was typing to find stuff. Muscle memory is hard to change.
  • Also in the muscle-memory category: Camino does not focus the address-bar when creating new tabs. My shortcut for a new Google search (a surprising percentage of my "new tab" activity) was Cmd-T-tab. I simply could not get my fingers to do Cmd-T-Cmd-Shift-F.
  • Visual irritations: In the dock, I could not seem to stop clicking on that bright orange-and-blue globe. The click-area on the Camino icon seems smaller, and the blue icon blends in with about 8 other deep-sky-blue app icons.

I still detest the form elements in the Mozilla strain of Gecko. But apparently my fingers care more than my eyes do in this case.