Slug: bbedit-shell-worksheets Date: 2002-03-05 Title: BBEdit Shell Worksheets layout: post

I'd never used MPW, so when I (almost accidentally) opened up one of BBEdit's new Shell Worksheets, I was a bit perplexed as to what I was looking at. It looked like a lot of text - a document - but there were commands in there as well - and the type of document I was looking at suggested that you could do something with them. Indeed, say the instructions - put the cursor at the end of one of the lines containing a shell command, and BBEdit AutoMagically behind the scenes runs the command in a shell, and dumps the output right into your document. OMG. This is… amazing. Hm. Combine this with a command-line xmlrpc client, and strange (and frightening?) things could happen… Muahahaha -)

#I can put anything in here, notes, comments, whatever,
#then put my cursor at the end of the next line and hit "enter"...

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