Slug: before-i-cancel-your-account Date: 2011-01-30 Title: “"Before I cancel your account…"” layout: post

“Before I cancel your account, I would be happy to put your account on a pause which would freeze your account for 6 months at $5 a month, Would that work for you until you’re ready to utilize the service again?”

No. I want to cancel the account. In fact, I’m pretty offended that I had to chat with you at all. You have a website, where I can review and modify my account. I had to provide several sensitive pieces of information to gain access to said website. I find the lack of a “cancel” button on that site to be offensive. It tells me “We’re not letting you go until we have a chance to annoy you with attempts to entice you with new offers or get you to give up one of your friends to take your place as our hostage we mean customer.”

This is the kind of thing that so many companies get right, and so many get wrong. You, my friend, got it wrong. I don’t feel like a valued customer, I feel like my business is your right and how dare I attempt to deny you said business.

Hey - stop smirking, cell-phone rep. I hate you too – same reason.