Slug: better-performance-on-os-x-101 Date: 2001-07-18 Title: Better Performance on OS X 10.1 layout: post

Mac OS X 10.1 debuts at Macworld Expo today. From MacNN:<p>

  • Jobs launched Internet Explorer in OS X 10.1, and it took only one bounce to appear on the screen. He also showed the resizing and minimizing were enhanced dramatically in terms of performance.<p>

  • OS X 10.1 sports DVD playback, CD burning in the finder, support for 200 new PostScript printers, and new networking functionality. There is also full support for managing AirPort base stations.<p>

  • Jobs then debuted Mac OS X 10.1, saying Apple focused on faster window resizing, menus, and application launching as well as improving the Aqua interface.<p></p></p></p></p>