Slug: between-a-rock-and-a-soft-place Date: 2002-01-15 Title: Between a rock and a soft place layout: post

Jodi and I found a cool rock gym about 10 minuted from our house - it's also easy to get to from work so on my way home this evening I stopped by and bouldered for an hour or so. Oy! My poor noodle-soft arms! I am NOT in shape, and since Arizona has some of the best climbing in the US, I figured I better get back into shape.

BTW - I wanted to link to the gym, but their site is down it would seem. how about this link instead? Google to the rescue again.

Jim says (IM): "make sure you stretch before you go to bed […] bend your wrist and elbow in different extreme ways."

Um… ouch! ;-)