Slug: blog-to-email Date: 2004-06-11 Title: Blog To Email layout: post

Ok, one of the features that I had on my old site was a site mailing list. You could subscribe to the mailing list and get blog posts in your inbox. I've had at least one person (you know who you are!) go on about how he would not subscribe to the RSS feed and wanted the mailing list functionality.

Well, I've set up a monkinetic mailing list at the Google Groups beta. I'll be sending blog posts there, if you subscribe you'll get monkinetic posts via email. There is the added advantage of having a place for discussion as well.

Have fun!

Update: Ok, sorry. I've changed my mind about the Google mailing list. Soon I'm going to investigate running mailman here on my own server - I think I want more control over how the whole thing is done. Sorry for the inconvenience.