Slug: blogging-for-fun-profit Date: 2004-05-20 Title: Blogging For Fun & Profit layout: post

Every couple of weeks, Content Connections has a "learning lunch" where one of the employees will volunteer to do a presentation on… something. ;)

One took the opportunity to give us a long list of absolutely useless facts - some great trivia! Another showed a video about the Pike's fish market in Seattle.

Today I took a turn and did one on "Blogging for Fun & Profit". :-) I've been banging this drum at work for ages now, and figured I owed folks an explanation. The presentation went really well, there were some good comments and questions, and several people have approached me with more questions and an intent to start their own blogs! w00t!

The slides: Blogging For Fun & Profit Presentation

Update: skippy whipped up an html version of the presentation. Thanks!