Slug: blogrolls-xfn-and-openid-uris Date: 2007-11-27 Title: Blogrolls, XFN, and OpenID URIs layout: post

While writing Whitelisting With OpenID and XFN, I started thinking about what kind of work would have to go into implementing these ideas in Wordpress. One of the roadblocks I ran into was that in Wordpress (and Drupal, probably, and most other similar systems) links only support a single URI (not surprisingly). In order to support OpenID whitelisting, we need a unique identifying URI for an XFN contact - which may or may not be the same as the blog/site URI that you’d want to list in a blogroll.

I thought about trying to hack the support in myself, but after browsing through the 4 or 5 different files that would require patching, as well as adding database support, I decided I haven’t the experience with Wordpress nor the time to do it right. But I’d like to discuss this with someone who has the Wordpress expertise to give this a shot. Would be nice if it were a plugin, so we don’t have to hack the core code.

Any takers?