Slug: blogshares Date: 2003-04-05 Title: BlogShares layout: post

Ok, I've kept quiet about this so far, becuase it's been blogged to death elsewhere. But I'm having fun playing with my $500 fantasy dollars and 1000 shares of monkinetic stock over at

What I want to know is how BlogShares tracks links. My page for monkinetic says that I have 12 incoming links and 25 outgoing links.

I have more than 25 links just in my blogroll. Are the links listed on BlogShares limited to sites in BlogShare's index? And Technorati currently lists 23 inbound links to my site.

Anyone have more info?

<shameless plug>Oh, and if you're playing, buy monkinetic stock. smile Or link to me.</shameless plug>

(short time passes as Steve makes sure he can't find the info on his own before posting…)

Ok, found some info in BlogShares' FAQ:

"4. I have more links on my homepage than BlogShares has listed. Where are they?"

Doesn't really answer the question, but I thought I'd point to it.