Slug: brad-cox-misusing-dynamic-binding Date: 2001-12-03 Title: “Brad Cox: Misusing Dynamic Binding” layout: post

Brad Cox (inventor of Objective-C, the main language OS X applications are written in) is building Java Web Applications now. In this article he is complaining about the way most web application servers still treat pages as files. (see JSP)<p>

Jim has addressed the page issue here.

What I thought was interesting was this quote:
"The servlet for the application publishes a public final static SomeClass instance variable via which other pages reference the singleton instance of each page of the application. When a page needs to emit an link to another page (the arrows in the figure), it calls SomeClass. instance. emitLink(ctx). To emit a <form> command, it calls SomeClass. instance. emitForm(ctx) instead."<p>

The WebObjects Way goes something link this: the link (WOHyperlink) is created visually in WebObjects Builder (visual page interface builder). Then the developer sets (in the tool) the "pageName" binding on the link to "theNextPage" (via a drop-down list of all available pages in the project). Done! WO takes care of figuring out how to make the link for you.</p></a></p>