Slug: casa-teresa Date: 2003-09-05 Title: Casa Teresa layout: post

Web, Graphic Design: <img –=”–” src=”<!–#enclosure linkonly=” true”=”true"” urlonly=”true” />" alt="Casa Teresa" width="237" height="193" align="right" border="0">

Web site design and production for Casa Teresa, a women's shelter in Orange County, CA. Casa Teresa needed a new web site design, as they are launching a new facility and are beginning promotion of their organization and services as part of the launch of the new facility.

The design was informed by the logo, which was the only graphic element provided by the client. We worked with the colors in the logo as well as several other colors to form a palette that was soft and inviting but not too pastel. The addition of a large number of photographs on the site adds to the emotional connection the organization wants to make with the women they want to reach as well as potential financal supporters.

The client was very happy with the resulting site design and organization.