Slug: chrome-and-popup-windows-in-os-x-lion Date: 2011-09-23 layout: post Title: Chrome and Popup Windows in OS X Lion date: 2011-09-23 18:10 comments: true categories:

If you’re an OS X Lion user and have found that Google Chrome popup windows send your Desktop/Spaces into conniptions when switching between Chrome windows (I always have Chrome windows in multiple Spaces and the popup wreaks havoc with window switching, while remaining invisible), here’s how to fix it:

  • Activate Mission Control (3-finger swipe up)
  • find the popup in the window groups
  • click on it and drag it to a Desktop with no other Chrome windows

Now, switch to that desktop and you can close the popup.

Better solution: Google, FIX CHROME.


Chrome windows jumping to another desktop in Mac OS X Lion says that if you select “Options > Desktop > None” in the contextual menu for Chrome in the Dock, it fixes it.


Good to know.