Slug: coda-great-tune-but-i-gotta-leave-early Date: 2007-04-24 Title: “Coda: Great tune, but I gotta leave early” layout: post

>In music notation, the coda symbol is used as a navigation marker … and is used where the exit from a repeated section is within that section rather than at the end. Wikipedia - Coda (Music)


Today Panic released their new web development environment, Coda. Starting with Steven Frank's 10th anniversary post a few days ago, which hinted at a large announcement coming, the blogiverse has been all a Twitter about it (groan).

Well, not everyone's a fan. Erik J. Barzeski writes:

>It also cannot easily handle the styling or modification of blogging packages because it cannot parse templates or handle some of the complex things WordPress, MovableType, etc. must do to get data onto a web page.

Ouch. All my BBEdit/TextMate-style work is done on Wordpress weblogs and experimental Ruby apps right now, so Coda won't be replacing them for me. Also, understandably, Coda builds on Panic's fantastic Transmit FTP engine, but appears to neglect my protocol of choice for managing local and remote assets: Subversion. I know I could use the embedded terminal window in the app, but I would have loved to see Panic take on this feature and give it some of their (deservedly) award-winning design touch. UPDATE: Ethan @ WBR agrees.

So to stretch the musical metaphor past breaking: while Panic is playing a great, tight tune here - hitting their most popular riffs, I must exit gracefully from this refrain and move on.


PS. I must give Panic props for an amazingly beautiful site for Coda (although they managed to, in their AJAXy goodness, break the web - I can't figure out how to link directly to the "Files" section of the site).