Slug: coffee-cups-and-conversant Date: 2002-01-30 Title: Coffee Cups and Conversant layout: post

Dave points to my coffee cup radioFeedIcon. It was really easy to do with Conversant's Resources. I just put \radioFeedIcon\ in my template or message.<p> Conversant offers a LOT of options when it comes to outputting your content. Any page can have it's MIME type set, and templates (cf 1, 2) can be anything, including HTML, XML, I even tried RTF once. (No go on that one. ;-)) <p> In the case of my RSS feed, the feed is a WeblogViewPage. The WeblogViewPage lets me create any number of ways to deliver my weblog content, in the past I've seen RSS, Avantgo, and OPML versions of Conversant weblogs using this technique.<p> Oh, and Dave, it's Steve, please. ;-)</p></p></p>