Slug: coffee-rush-and-the-web Date: 2003-05-10 Title: Coffee Rush and the web layout: post

I got to talk to Mo, owner of Coffee Rush, today. He and his brother Yanni (no idea if I'm spelling that right - they're Jordanian) have been running Coffee Rush for a year now, and evidently started planning for it 5 years ago.

When I was first told about Coffee Rush I went online to see what I could discover about the little cofefe shop 10 minutes from my house. What I discovered was that there's no Coffee Rush website. As a web geek, I was scandalized!! No website?!? Blasphemy!!! I made sure to give Yanni my card to pass along to his brother.

Today I approached Mo to ask him about it. His response? "What do I need for a website? I can make one if I need it, but what do I put there?" Good point. "We've got 'Best coffee shop' from four magazines. The Gen-X coffee house!" He grinned and pointed to the magazine covers and clippings under the glass counter where you order your drinks.

I couldn't really argue with him. Coffee Rush is plenty busy, and with free internet, 3 computers in the back to surf on, and wireless access to their high-speed connection, they've got a steady flow of students, businessmen, and geeks coming in to hang out, drink great coffee, and jack in.

Mo has a CS/IT background, and he and Yanni dreamed up their coffee shop/internet cafe partly because Mo can take care of the machines and 'net connection if necessary. If he needs a website, he can build it, but Coffee Rush is doing Just Fine without it. smile