Slug: comfortable-white-type Date: 2000-08-09 Title: Comfortable White Type layout: post

I wonder if Nate got any hits yesterday from "Redmonk.Net". I don't know if anyone reads this site anymore, since it's hardly ever updated (but I'm trying!)

Having just compared a good, anti-aliased Helvetica to a comfortable white wine, I am asked by Hans if I'm sure I'm not a marketer. I've never met a marketing person with a decent appreciation for fine typography. <harumph>

Woohoo! Omni Group releases OmniOutliner, an outliner for Mac OS X! Now, if they'd only post screenshots… Update: Jim has pics of the new OmniOutliner. It's kinda nice… I'd like to see a simpler version one could use for coding in. Mmmmm, code outlines.