Slug: competent-or-likeable Date: 2007-05-16 Title: Competent or Likeable? layout: post

But there’s more. At work, if you are unlikable, people start thinking you are less competent. So stop thinking you can skate by on your genius IQ because you can’t. You need emotional intelligence as well. This situation is so pronounced that there are special-education classrooms rife with kids who could read when they were three. Social skills matter as much as intelligence when it comes to long-term success, even for the geniuses.

Penelope Trunk, via Guy Kawasaki

This is a big deal. I’ve had co-workers who were convinced that others should put up with their abrasive personality because they were that good at what they did or because they were that important to the success of the group/team/company. And it makes everyone them around bristle.