Slug: conversant-released-to-developers Date: 2002-05-22 Title: Conversant Released To Developers layout: post

For the last few months, Macrobyte has been working on readying Conversant, their internet groupware application, for release as a 'shrinkwrapped' product. Today marks the first release of Conversant 1.0b1 to Frontier and Radio Userland developers.

If you run a Frontier hosting service, run - do not walk - to this site and read it. Conversant is the most powerful groupware/cms I have worked with. It runs both sites I manage, and working with Seth and crew is a pleasure. You will be astounded at the services you can easily offer your customers. it even supports SSL for those security-minded clients.

If you are a developer looking for an internal platform for your company's intranet/extranet needs, Conversant is for you. Conversant includes web-based discussion, calendaring, mailing-list integration, a built-in NNTP server, and more. A super-flexible templating system means you can make your content available to users in any number of XML-based formats, plain text, DHTML, or whatever else you can imagine.

If you currently have a site hosted at one of the Frontier-based ISPs, ask your admin to look into Conversant. Check out for a taste of what's available to you on this platform. You won't be disappointed.

Believe it or not, I don't work for Macrobyte. -). But I've been using Conversant now for over a year, and have been amazed at what I can do with it. Now go on - get outta here - check it out!