Slug: conversant-templates Date: 2002-11-23 Title: Conversant Templates layout: post

<img --="--" desert_screen.jpg"="desert_screen.jpg"" linkonly="true" src="<!--#enclosure filename=" urlonly="true" />" alt="Desert Photo Template" width="237" height="180" border="0">

Web, Graphic Design: Macrobyte Resources approached me about designing a series of templates for their free web hosting service, Free-Conversant. The templates needed to be simple and approachable, while supporting the wide range of functionality available to the user.

I created two series, one using photos of nature as the main compositional element and the source of the color scheme, the other using a simple graphical approach to create a friendly, welcoming layout and color scheme.

Each series consists of a single HTML layout for each page type, combined with different images and Cascading Style Sheets for the different looks. By using stylesheets I was able to reuse various styles throughout the sites, creating a consistent feel for each one.

The templates will be installed on Free-Conversant where new users can select them during the initial site creation process.