Slug: corkd-wltv Date: 2007-05-16 Title: Cork’d, WLTV layout: post

I've been a huge fan of Dan Cederholm for a long time. Dan helped started the wine community Cork'd with Dan Benjamin, which has been long supported ad-wise by Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV.

Yesterday the Dans announced that Cork'd has been acquired by a new company with Gary at the lead, giving the site more resources and focus. It also means that Cork'd will benefit from WL's huge library as it get imported into Cork'd. So congrats to Dan and Dan!

However, the reason I wanted to post was to recommend Wine Library TV. Gary is a real east-coast ham, but he is obviously also passionate and extremely knowledgeable about wine. On top of that, he has a passion for helping real people find, understand, and appreciate wine.


I signed up with Cork'd back when it launched, but have not kept up as I simply have no idea what wines to try/buy. Thanks to several episodes of WLTV, I now have several wines on my Cork'd shopping list that I can't wait to try out. (As well as a couple that are not yet available in Cork'd, so I need to note them separately - especially a couple of Portuguese wines. Mmm.)

So if you're looking to learn more about wine, head over to Wine Library TV and check out a few episodes. You won't be disappointed!