Slug: cryptonomicon Date: 2002-10-30 Title: Cryptonomicon layout: post

Well, I finished Neil Stephenson's Crytonomicon. It's a LONG book - 900 pages. It took me approximately 15 hours to read it - that's actual reading time, and it's an estimate since I generally read about 60 pages an hour, or a page a minute. That's not terribly fast (IMO) but it's pretty fast.

The book was really good, there are several people I'm going to recommend it to. One is my geek kid brother, Sean, the other is Jodi's math-geek-military-consultant-analyst father.

I've noticed something about myself and books. For about the first 75-80% of the book, I can usually put it down for extended periods to do other things. Once I cross that 80% threashold, everything else (sleeping, conversing with signifcant others, eating, that sort of thing) kind of loses significance in the face of getting to the end. I'm generally ambivelent about this fact - I very much want to see what happens - but I also hate for the story to end. Either way, I simply must finish the book. Weird.