Slug: dave-keynotes-oscom Date: 2003-04-03 Title: Dave Keynotes OSCOM? layout: post

Dave is doing a keynote at the Open Source Content Management conference (OSCOM) in Cambridge.

I find this really interesting, since Dave is mixed bag when it comes to open-source code. He's released the MacBird source into the public domain, which is really cool. But he also likes to say that he ships source with Frontier, but it's not "open" source - if you were to take Manila or MainResponder and fork it, make some changes, and ship it as your own system for Frontier I guarantee Dave would have a major cow. The source code (usertalk script, not Frontier's C source) that comes with Frontier is closer to Microsoft's Shared Source: "look but don't touch".

"Open" has never just meant "visible". "Open" has always meant "open to tweaking"… (See #3 here.) It's related more to the free software movement, they of the infamous "Free as in speech, not free as in beer" mindset.

So anyway, I don't really have a problem with Dave keynoting at an open source content management conference, I imagine it will be an interesting keynote at the very least!