Slug: dave-winer-earthlinks-feedreader-is-important-like-my-feedreader Date: 2006-07-15 Title: “Dave Winer: Earthlink’s FeedReader Is Important Like My FeedReader” layout: post

>The job of a newspaper is to show you what's new.

Dave Winer is talking about the "river of news" metaphor again. This is the "all new posts go into one bucket, most recent first" model that Radio Userland, Amphetadesk, and the other first-generation news readers used.

>The first aggregator, the one I wrote in 1999, did. And so did the one that's in Radio UserLand, and so does the NewsRiver aggregator that's built into the OPML Editor.

I don't particularly care for this model, because I have high-priority sources and low-priority sources. There are some feeds that I put in a "Never Ignore" folder in my aggregator (for the record, I use NetNewsWire). I'll go there before most any other feeds - even if there are other feeds that have updated more recently. This is an aspect of feedreading that the "River" doesn't handle.

When I've browsed the "important" feeds, I start mashing the spacebar to jump through all the unread posts, in whatever folder they are. I'm scanning at this rate, and will go through 40 or 50 new posts in about as many seconds, unless one catches my eye. This is the same model as Dave's river of news.

>You're not taking advantage of a key capability of the human brain, it scans very quickly as you scroll.

I think that "mash-and-scan" works as well as scroll and scan for me. YMMV.