Slug: deaf-awareness-night Date: 2007-03-24 Title: “"Deaf Awareness Night"” layout: post

Last night, we had a bit of fun at the Ivy house. Jodi and I are taking a sign class, and we've been trying to find time to practice, as well as give Adelina time to practice her sign as well. So last night after dinner, I announced that I was "deaf" for the night and that Adelina and Jodi would have to sign to me and vice versa.

(Now, please, if you are d(D)eaf, do not be offended… I fully realize that pretending to be deaf in order to practice sign is a weak substitute at best for seeking out opportunities to interact with the deaf community. But we're short on time and access to deaf events right now, so this will suffice.)

Jodi described it and recounted a funny story in an email to a friend:

>We decided a good way to practice our ASL is to pick a night on occasion and assign one of us (me or Steve) to be deaf for the night. Last night, Steve decided he was deaf. It was a great experience. He would completely ignore us if we forgot and tried to talk to him. We had to tap him to get his attention, and Adelina kept telling me, "Mommy, Daddy is deaf - he can't hear you!"

>After awhile, though, she got tired of it and wanted Steve to talk again, so we took a break. Then, it was bath time, so she took off her devices and got into the tub and then told him, "you can be deaf again. Now I'm deaf, too. We are BOTH deaf!" She was sooo cute! And we are beginning to appreciate the idea of her understanding and valuing her deafness.