Slug: deaf-cultural-experience-deaf-expo-2007 Date: 2007-03-09 Title: “Deaf Cultural Experience: Deaf Expo 2007” layout: post

(This is the content of a short reaction paper for SLG 102, the sign language class Jodi and I are taking at Chandler-Gilbert Community College)

##Deaf Cultural Experience

On Saturday, March 4, my wife and I went to the DeafNation Expo at the Phoenix downtown convention center.

We walked toward the hall, noting already how quiet it was. I started to note a few people standing around signing, and I tried to remember what I had learned about Deaf etiquette - don't stare unless you intend to introduce yourself! I was uncomfortable as we entered the lobby and headed toward the hall entry… folks all around were signing in rapid conversation. And I could not understand 99.5% of what was being said.

As we entered the hall, I felt very self-conscious - did I have a huge sign on my forehead that said "Hearing Person"? Surely everyone here could tell and resented my being here.