Slug: deliciously-streaming-links Date: 2006-11-20 Title: Deliciously Streaming Links layout: post

A while back, I registered and setup a simple Wordpress linklog. I posted to it for a while, but it fell out of use.

Lately, I've started using the other again, as well as sharing links from my Google Reader account, and I've even started Digg-ing (welcome to the 21st century, Ivy). So I have been linking things, but it wasn't going into my linklog. Silly webgeek. I did add sections to my sidebar for my Google shared items and my links, but it seemed a bit of overkill.

So… last week I ran across Jeremy's life-streaming script again, re-read what it did, and decided it might be a nice way to revive ye old linklog without having to, you know, work. So, I spent some time getting it to work without access to fopen and making it read the funky ATOM feed from Google Reader.

You can see the "beta" version of the script at . If it works well for a while, I'll move it to the home page, add an RSS feed, and re-integrate it into the homepage here.