Slug: diso-update Date: 2007-12-12 Title: DiSo Update layout: post

Welcome to – all DiSo, all the time.

I do have a life outside of my latest obsession - :-) - still, there’s good news afoot, so here goes.

Will Norris, author of the Wordpress OpenID plugin, announced yesterday that wp-openid is coming under the DiSo Project. Woo! As happy as I am to have Will’s awesome contribution, it makes a lot of sense too -

…they are using wp-openid as a foundation to develop additional plugins that build on OpenID to bring other social functionality to WordPress powered blogs. I am therefore pleased to announce that wp-openid is moving under the umbrella of DiSo in an effort to allow better integration with the other social plugins that are being developed…

Will is looking into the process of importing the wp-openid source into the DiSo repo, and then setting up a sync to wp-plugins to provide packaging and to hook into the plugin update system that was introduced in Wordpress 2.3.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a wiki set up; Chris has been busy creating ma.gnolia and flickr groups, and the Google group/mailing list is growing as well.

To complete the social absurdity, you can now follow diso on Twitter. :-)