Slug: doctorow-gunning-to-get-life-imitating-art Date: 2006-11-17 Title: Doctorow gunning to get life imitating art layout: post

It seems to me that Cory Doctorow is working a little too hard to make Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, his work of science fiction set in a world where the artists and geeks of Disney World have taken over operation of the park in a sort of anarchistic revolution - come true. At least, for some virtual version of "true", as realized in the huge virtual world of Second Life. From Rough Type:

Meanwhile, outside agitator Cory Doctorow, of Boing Boing, raised the specter of an outright revolution in which residents would seize control of Second Life from Linden Lab. "Second Life's management is doing an exemplary job of coping with this," wrote Doctorow, "but benevolent dictatorships aren't the same thing as democracies. If a game is going to declare that its players are citizens who own property, can the company go on 'owning' the game?"