Slug: email-in-india Date: 2002-03-15 Title: Email in India layout: post

via /. - Cory Doctorow at SXSW:

There's an amazing story about the day someone sent the first hotmail message with 'Get your free email account at' at the bottom to India. The traffic statistics the next morning, they quintupled overnight, on the strength of one email.

This makes me think of a very interesting discussion I had with a close Indian friend one day: she said that letters and correspondence are very important in Indian culture, especially in the language used and the visual formality. She said a truly relevant email interface for Indians would provide ways to send emails of varying visual and structural complexity, with digital signatures so that the sender could be instantly verified. There is a rich history of letter-writing there, and how formal or informal your letter is depends on who it's for, your relationship to them, and many other factors.<p>

Don't know exactly how that ties in, but it was interesting.</p>