Slug: empowered-tech-support Date: 2004-05-06 Title: Empowered Tech Support layout: post

My position with Content Connections is basically tech support / IT with some development thrown in. One thing I love about it is that I'm completely empowered to improve the things that we get complaints over.

We have a page on one of our apps that users often get hung up on - they tend to lose the popup window into which they enter their comments. So I was writing an email to explain it to a user today when a (potentially elegant) solution occured to me. I grabbed my boss and described it to him. He says "you know, I wonder why we didn't do it that way before? That's really good. Go for it!"

So now I need to refine it and build it, but it's so cool that I don't have to wait for a dev team to get around to releasing a new version of whatever to get changes made. The company trusts me to do what needs to be done.