Slug: fighting-the-good-fight Date: 2002-07-19 Title: Fighting the Good Fight layout: post

I just completed a… 12 hour coffee-powered hack-a-thon. I got a bee in my bonnet about halfway through, convinced I could find a way to get at the content data in a servlet's HttpServletResponse. No dice. I'm implementing (as part of my learning experience) some templating idioms you'll find elsewhere.

The servlet spec recently got Filters (link later), which I assumed to be similar to these. One BIG difference however: a Servlet Filter does not in any way seem to have access to the content of the http response to be returned to the client. Which (IMO) removes about 95% of the reason to have them. Harumph.

I did finally find a way to do what I wanted, but it's a hack. Phbbbt.