Slug: file-urls-with-xmlhttprequest-in-ie7-are-broken Date: 2007-02-16 Title: “File:// urls with XMLHTTPRequest in IE7 are broken” layout: post

I've been working again on a tool at work that uses JQuery to dynamically load various files into the content area of a locally based web page to test css-based templates. The tool was working fine in Firefox and IE6, then I recently "upgraded" to IE7 and it went all wonky on me. After a day or so of Googling, I found this post from Xavier Hanin: IE7 support for XmlHttpRequest which details the fact that IE7's XMLHTTPRequest cannot load files from disk (file:// urls).

I brought it up on the #jquery IRC channel, and John Resig filed a bug for the issue; the solution is to use the old XMLHTTPRequest ActiveX object instead of IE7's native one, but I'm unsure if users on Vista with IE7 even have the old version.

More info as I find it.