Slug: firing-cox-communications-in-the-phoenix-metro-area Date: 2007-06-26 Title: Firing Cox Communications in the Phoenix Metro area layout: post

I want to fire Cox Communications.

We currently have our phone, internet, and digital cable service through Cox, and have been largely happy with them. But we are now interested in getting the HD/DVR service (we have TiVo now and we are NOT going back to a life of watching tv in real-time :-P) and the cost of our current bundle plus the new services is climbing past what I'm comfortable paying.

What I really want is less phone service (the bundle we have includes a bunch of phone services we never use) with a proportionate decrease in cost. But the way Cox's bundle is designed, any change in any of the 3 bundled services (other than adding additional services) nullifies the $27 "savings", which means you pay $27 more for your 3 services and any decrease in cost you might achieve by choosing a lower level of service is eaten up by the increase in cost for the other services.

This makes me nuts. This attitude that Cox has a right to my money ("you can pay $n for more services or $n for less services; either way you pay $n.") is insulting.

So I find myself wanting to escape Cox's monopolistic behavior, but I don't know where else to look for my services, and I don't know If i can get what I want anywhere else. Here's what I'd like:

  1. Broadband internet. I have ~6mbs cable from Cox.
  2. HD TV service with a DVR.
  3. Basic phone+voicemail

I'm going to look at Qwest, though I've heard horror stories about their customer service. Qwest seems to have a digital tv service, as well as some relationship with DirecTV, which appears to have some sort of HD/DVR service, but I have not figured out yet if you can get the whole HD/DVR combo through Qwest. Other than Qwest I have no idea what my options are. Dish Network perhaps? Leave tips in the comments.