Slug: firing-cox-houston-we-have-dish Date: 2007-07-04 Title: “Firing Cox: Houston, we have Dish” layout: post

So yesterday was our Dish Network installation. It was scheduled for between 8 and 12, so I got permission to work remotely yesterday so I could be around. Well, around 11:00 I got a call from the installation dispatcher saying that my installer was running late, and that he would be at the house around 2:00 PM. Annoyed but used to this kind of thing in general, I waited.

Around 2:30 I called Dish and noted to them that the installer was still absent. I got a call back from the installer's dispatcher moving the time back to 3:00. Um, thanks.

At 3:30, the installer showed up. Annoyed but trying to be understanding, I showed him around and let him get to work, explaining about my custom cable runs I had to put in when the builder's cable began to fray. (At this point, a good question should have been asked by the installer but wasn't, with unfortunate consequences.)

He got to work, and got into the attic to make the splice for the second TV. A while passed without hearing from him. I stuck my head in the attic - "everything ok?"

"Um, no." I neglected to mention, and he neglected to ask, about the grade of the cable I ran - it was quad-shielded RJ6 from, and it was too thick for his standard-issue cable splicer. On top of that, he had already cut the cable in preparation for the splice… Gah!

He came down and we expected that he would have to come back in the AM with new tools and fittings, so he borrowed a flashlight (why he did not have one is beyond me, but I was past caring) and went back up to hand splice the two ends together, so we would at least still have cable until he came back. I was this close (imagine thumb and forefinger about .2 mm apart) to bailing on Dish, when he came back down and happily informed me that with the flashlight, he had been able to carefully prepare the cable ends manually, and fit them securely into the splice. Something goes right!

The rest of the install went quickly and smoothly, for which I was profoundly grateful. Armed with the manual and - more importantly - extensive notes from the forums, I got to setting up the new DVR.

I should say, I tried. After all that running around trying to get this thing working, I switched over to Discovery HD Theater, and got immediately sucked into an HD show about a bunch of guys restoring a WWII-era Sherman tank (eat your heart out , Pimp My Ride, you got nothin' on 40 tons of steel and weaponry). I got no setup done for at least 30 minutes while I ogled the HD quality of the broadcast, unwilling to allow the setup menus to obscure the awesomeness.