Slug: firing-cox-part-deux Date: 2007-06-27 Title: “Firing Cox: Part Deux” layout: post

So yesterday, Jodi and I decided that we had had enough of being stuck in our Cox bundle, which - while being a pretty good deal - locks us into services we don’t want and, after adding the HD services we want, pushes us into a price range that I’m just not comfortable paying.

So I started looking into Qwest, and bailed early due to a crappy website, confusing information and a memory of horrible customer service from them from our early cell-phone days. I checked out DirecTV (given that Qwest is a reseller, thought I’d check them out) and while their HD/DVR services seem ok, the pricing was hard to find and it took me a while to find the information I was looking for on the site.

Finally, I decided to check out Dish Network. I’d heard good things about them in the past, but never thought of myself as a “satellite” guy. But after perusing their site (which gave me a prominent “Special HD Offer” link for my clicking pleasure) and then reading up a bunch on their DVR offering, I was pretty well convinced.


Dish provides the ViP622 HD Receiver/DVR, which is one of the best DVRs I’ve seen on the market (CNET gives it an 8.7 rating). Here are some of the features:

  • Supports two TVs &emdash; one HDTV and one SD tv
  • Record up to 200 hours of standard-definition programming, up to 30 hours of high-definition programming, or a combination of the two
  • Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i on the HDTV
  • HD content is down-converted for the SD tv
  • Two Satellite tuners allow you to select from two viewing options
  • Single Mode: Picture-In-Picture (available on any TV)
  • Dual Mode: Independently view and record programming on two televisions

So, Jodi and I called Dish last night and talked with them about our options. I was not certain that the REceiver/DVR would come with the plan - I’m pretty sure that in the past, you had to buy the box yourself. But it turns out that not only does the box come with it, but the plan is a little less than we would be paying for Cox’s HD/DVR service - for a much better product! So we agreed to sign up, and scheduled the install for next Monday. We’ll keep our Cox internet and phone service, but cancel the digital cable service. When it’s all said and done, we should be paying only a few dollars more for all our services than we are now, pre-HD.

I know that some folks (including my friend Bill) have had issues with Dish, but I’ve also read very good reports of their products and services, and at the end of the day it seems you get that same experience with anyone. Jodi and I are really happy with our decision and can’t wait to try out our new gear!