Slug: firing-cox-the-third Date: 2007-06-29 Title: Firing Cox (The Third) layout: post

Since we're working on another adoption that will involve some very expensive travel, we had decided to start looking into deals that would help us rack up some mileage. So, Jodi found out that Dish offers some sort of mileage deal when you sign up. Cool, huh? Well, yes and no.

Jodi spent a hour or so on the phone with Dish yesterday, mostly with individuals who spoke English poorly, trying to determine the existence and/or details of the deal. She finally got a supervisor (or someone from yet another department) who told her to call yet another number to get more information. Jodi did not call that number, as she was steaming at the ears by that point (and who wouldn't be). Instead she wisely decided to wait a day to cool off and then try getting in touch with the person who signed us up on Monday, and see if that person can help us out.

I'm really excited about our new Dish service, but customer service is a big component of how I choose who I give my business to, and if today's calls don't improve, I may be rethinking my decision (I've got until 3 days after our Monday installation).

UPDATE: Though it took a long call with several individuals to work out, I think our issue wit Dish has been resolved. To their credit, Jodi reports that everyone she talked to was at least polite and seemingly eager to help. Sigh. Here's to hoping for good things from the HD service!