Slug: floating-boxes-in-rows Date: 2007-07-24 Title: Floating Boxes in Rows layout: post

Last week I ran into an IE6/7 CSS bug, but in 5 hours of research did not find a solution I liked. In a nutshell, IE incorrectly implements, or incorrectly interprets, the CSS 2.1 float spec:

The outer top of a floating box may not be higher than the outer top of any block or floated box generated by an element earlier in the source document. CSS 2.1 Visual formatting model, rule 5

Read more about it in the bug demo page: Float Boxes in Rows. I'd really appreaciate some feedback in the comments if you have any ideas.

UPDATE: It appears that Bruno Fassino has a thumbnail page that may demonstrate a way to solve this problem, though I've not yet had time to inspect it carefully enough that I'd feel comfortable implementing it.