Slug: from-my-starred-items Date: 2009-11-29 Title: From My Starred Items layout: post

Google Reader

While poking around Google Reader I thought I’d review my Starred Items, and found some gems:

“Now take a run through your […] blog. Makes you want to do better, right? Me, too.” – Brian Oberkirch on Anil Dash, after a recent run of awesome posts on his blog.


“For my own sake, Ive lately begun decreasing the distance between my real identity and my online persona, switching from @factoryjoe to @chrismessina on Twitter. While there are plenty of folks who know me by my digital moniker, there are far more who dont and shouldnt need to in order to interact with me.” – Chris Messina, in one of this many posts on identity, and part of my inspiration for switching to @steveivy on Twitter.

Brian again…

“Fame, greed, insecurity, opportunism. They go only so far. The greatest of these is love.” – Brian Oberkirch again.