Slug: ftx-interface Date: 2002-11-28 Title: FTX Interface layout: post

Web, Graphic Design: <a –=”–” ftx_packages.gif”=”ftx_packages.gif"” href=”<!–#enclosure filename=” linkonly=”true” urlonly=”true”>"><img –=”–” ftx_screen.jpg”=”ftx_screen.jpg"” linkonly=”true” src=”<!–#enclosure filename=” urlonly=”true” />" align="right" border="0"></a>While with Compass Technology Management, I led a web team in the design and development of a web interface for a large enterprise application. FTX is a web application that interfaces with Compass' Intellisafe product.

I worked with the team and with Compass analysts and industry experts to define the workflow process involved, then designed the first several iterations of the web interface, including all branding and functional screens. (FTX and Intellisafe Vault are trademarks of Compass Technology Management. Interface designs are copyright Compass Technology Management.)